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Wind Sport

Digital Sense
πŸ’¨ Not an ordinary watch face. Wind Sport is a modern hybrid watch face packed with features and weather infos.

Besides the main screen it includes two additional standalone screens:
1/ The Wind Screen: An amazing display showing the wind direction and wind speed in mph and km/h.
2/ The Temperature & Humidity Screen : A special display looking like a car’ dashboard that shows temperature (in Celsius Β°C and Fahrenheit Β°F ) and humidity (%).

Comes in 10 different color themes and supports AOD.

πŸ’¨  Features πŸ’¨
βœ… Digital Time
βœ… Analog Time 
βœ… Date and Month
βœ… Battery Indicator
βœ… Used Space Indicator
βœ… Weather
βœ… Temperature
βœ… Humidity
βœ… Wind Speed and Direction
βœ… 12/24H modes
βœ… AM/PM
βœ… AOD (Always-on-mode)
βœ… Day & Night Modes
βœ… 4 Color Themes for Day Mode
βœ… 6 Color Themes for Night Mode 
βœ… Standalone Wind Screen  
βœ… Standalone Temperature & Humidity Screen 
βœ… Temperature in in Celsius Β°C and Fahrenheit Β°F  
βœ… Wind speed in mph and km/h

* How To:
πŸ’¨ Tap once on the temperature value to switch between Celsius Β°C to Fahrenheit Β°F.
πŸ’¨ Tap once on the temperature/humidity icon to open the standalone temperature & humidity screen.
πŸ’¨ Tap once on the wind icon to open the standalone wind speed & direction screen.
πŸ’¨ Double tap to change color themes.

* Notes:
1. Location is Approximate. This means that thΠ΅ app takes and displays data about the weather conditions from the nearest weather station location.
2. How to set my location? Enable GPS on your device so we detect your location and display the weather conditions in your area.
3. Turn on the Always-On-Mode when you install Pilot View 2 for the first time. This will allow it to get to get your location via GPS. *Alternative: Tap on the "no weather data available" picture.
4. Internet connection. You have to be connected to the internet to get the weather updates.
5. Weather info is being updated hourly. Every time you lift your hand the app refreshes the weather data automatically if it is older than 1 hour.

1. To switch between 12 and 24 hour modes, tap once on the hour numbers.
2. To change Β°F to Β°C just tap once on it.
3. Tap once on the watch face to change the color themes.

1. If you don't quickly get the atmospheric pressure reading, try opening the built-in barometer and measuring the pressure at least once before you use our watch-face.
I really like the custom widgets πŸ‘οΈοΈ πŸ‘οΈοΈ
Excellent digital complication with lots of infos. Nicely designed, this one is a must have and worth five stars. πŸ”₯️️
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